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Welcome to the home of European Endurance Racing Club! The site for Britcar news. Britcar is an Endurance Motor Racing series formed in 1997, as a result of a discussion in a Nürburgring bar between Willie Moore and James Tucker. Folklore has it that James Tucker and John Veness formed the organizing European Endurance & Racing Club (EERC) with a £10 note found on the ground. The foremost aim was the re-introduction of a 24-Hour Race in Britain.

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Britcar History

Competing cars vary from the Renault Clio RS through BMW M3s, Porsche GT3s, a stalwart of the series: the Marcos Mantis GT, and exotics such as the Mosler.

2008 was the successful first year of competition, and following tremendous growth in 2003, it attracted Sky Sports coverage in their Motor Sports section in 2004.

2005 was the first year of the Britcar 24-Hour Race, it was won by the Rollcentre Mosler of Martin Short, and was followed by packed grids in 2006 season culminating in a capacity field for the 24-Hours.